Saturday, February 2, 2008

They Don't Call It Super For Nothing

Mandi Bierly over at PopWatch, posted this handy guide on things to watch instead of the Super Bowl tomorrow. While her list is great, I've composed one of my own.

Here are a few reasons why you should get over yourself and watch the flippin' Super Bowl.
  1. Tom Brady. Hate him for being kind of sketchy and amazingly talented, but you can't argue with his face.
  2. Watching Justin Timberlake get hit in the junk by a mailbox. Over and over again.

3. Tom Petty may in fact die of old age during the half time show. (Sidenote: I understand Janet was scandalous, but does every performer from now on need an AARP membership to get backstage? Get over it people!)

4. Ryan Seacrest is reporting live from the red carpet. There's someone who misses award season. I wonder if he'll whip out his Gladiators 2000 jersey to fit in with the atheletes?

5. Because the game is better than the movie would've been.

Have fun tomorrow! I'm bringing cupcakes to the party. GIRL ALERT!