Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's Like Year-Round School

...and we know how well that turned out.

NBC is taking a new approach to television scheduling and presenting a "year-round" season. Summer and early winter are usually hometurf for re-runs and essentially a television wasteland. No longer. Instead, the "endless season" will provide new shows all-year round. No more Sept-November, late-February to May set-up.

From the TV Blog on NY

“Programming should be like a good wine,” Mr. Rutman said. “Put it on the air when it’s ready.” A year-round schedule will provide “more opportunity for trial” of new shows by viewers, he said, adding: “Some will stick. Some won’t.”

This could backfire. If the networks have more time to test out new material, inevitably more bad material will slip through the cracks. And sometimes I'd prefer to watch the old stuff. Case in point, NBC has already ordered a second season of American Gladiators. While the show isn't half bad, I'd still rather watch old 30 Rock.

But it could work...maybe. And I hope it does. More shoes, all year-round, no downtime? Sign me up.