Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Writers Strike: Weekly Update

  • The Golden Globes sucked. Worse than the lack of stars at the event? Billy Bush providing commentary. Attention douchebag: You are not a media critic. No one cares if you think Californication is "so cool."
  • WGA President Patric Verrone had some insightful things to say about the strike to the Fox Business Network. The most interesting part? He wants the Oscars to go on as scheduled in February. You, me, and everyone else buddy but it's looking pretty grim. I guess my red carpet theme party is re-scheduled for '09. And I was going to make something in puff pastry. PUFF PASTRY!
  • The Directors Guild of America is currently in talks of their own. The problem? They're more likely to sacrifice residuals from new media for larger payments up front. Since the DGA is negotiating first, their deal could impact the WGA and SAG. Read on at United Hollywood.
  • In positive news, the WGA signed an agreement with Spyglass Entertainment. They make movies, but every agreement is a giant step forward. Kudos!