Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Re-Running Everything

I still don't have all of my channels. Not shocking.

Since I get channels 2-22 and for some reason 49 (Thank heavens for ABC Family!) I've been watching a lot of broadcast channels. What happens on broadcast channels after primetime? A whole lot of syndicated television.

Today I watched Scrubs, Friends, The Simpsons and My Wife & Kids. I've decided Scrubs makes my very short list of shows where the re-runs don't get old. I can watch the same episode twice in a week, hell even a day, and still enjoy it. Others on the list?

  • Fresh Prince
  • Gilmore Girls
  • America's Next Top Model
Not every show can pull this off. Not even close. Why do you think they no longer show re-runs of Lost? And while it wasn't too funny the first time, That 70's Show really sucks the second or third.

I wish some of my favorites would have more episodes so they could replace the crap currently in heavy rotation in syndication. I ask you one more time; who is watching Two And A Half Men? Enough!