Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Can We Talk About Moment Of Truth?

The game show everyone's talking about premiered tonight. Mark L. Wahlberg, (not to be confused with Marky Mark/Mark Wahlberg) was back in his element after taking a break from hsoting such gems as "Test The Nation 2" and "Joe Millionaire."

The contestants were skeezy, annoying, and cocky...and that was before they answered the questions. The first guy admitted to thinking he's the best looking guy out of his group of friends. The second admitted to stuffing his pants to look more endowed and looking through his co-worker's desk. Their significant others were there. I think the show makes them look worse than the men.

And the game play is frustrating to say the least. The contestants get asked 50 questions while hooked up to a polygraph. The producers pick 21 of those questions and ask them again in front of the audience and the camera. So none of it is a surprise to the person in the chair, yet 40% of the show is annoying hesitation and unnecessary delays. A game show that's an hour long is already taking itself too seriously. One that can't even get two contestants through the game is just BS.

So my final verdict? It's an interesting concept, but ultimately, I'd rather watch something with a little more skill and fewer obnoxious people. The worst part? The show comes on after Idol which means it's ratings will be exaggerated. We're not getting rid of this show...unless someone dies.