Friday, January 18, 2008

Get Out! (Aggressive Shove)

The story started simply enough.

Eli Manning loves Seinfeld.

Jay Zollar, General Manager of the Fox affiliate (WLUK) in Green Bay, said he is pulling the 5:30 PM re-run of Seinfeld from the air on Saturday so Eli will be out of his element for the NFC Championship. Not only that, but the station will air God, Family & The Green Bay Packers instead.

But Zollar didn't know what he was in for. Sony got wind of the debacle and is shipping the entire series and a DVD player to Manning. In a statement on the WLUK web site, Zollar now rests his hopes that Eli will be stay up all night watching Seinfeld and won't get any sleep. Even going as far as to quip, "No sleep for you."

This whole story would have been a lot funnier if Manning's favorite show was really embarassing. Something like Still Standing or One Tree Hill. Wishful thinking.