Saturday, January 5, 2008

1 Night 2 Parties: Still Kind Of Lame

They're going to be like...the coolest debates ever, like for sure! OMG Guys!

Tonight, ABC is hosting back-to back presidential debates in primetime. If that's not enough of a reason to clear your calendars, guess who the debate is sponsored by? Facebook. Everyone's favorite social networking site is presenting tonight's showdown with the GOP going on at a little after 6 and the Dems at 7:45ish.

ABC had strict rules to get into the debate, mainly that the candidate still had to be a viable contender. Dennis Kucinich didn't make the cut and he is pissed, even going as far as to file a complaint with the FCC. He's probably just mad because he has to go back to making cookies in that hollowed out tree.

No one watches TV on Saturday nights but me and every other single loner on the planet, this debate will probably not change that but ABC is trying its darndest. Next time, instead of showing the debate, may I suggest they show High School Musical. That seemed to work out well.