Saturday, January 19, 2008

Now Who Will Cut The Porkchops?

Allan Melvin
, better knwon as Sam the Butcher on Brady Bunch, died Thursday. Melvin also played the role of Archie Bunker's bestie on All In The Family. In his latter years, he stuck to voiceover work. Melvin reached children everywhere as the voice of Bluto on Popeye and Magilla Gorilla. He had an incredibly long career and his contribution to the television industry is too significant to express...especially in this blog.

He was 84, but it seems so all of the sudden.

And its not just Melvin either. Suzanne Pleshette of the Bob Newhart Show passed away today. She was one classy dame, and a great comedian. 2008 has been such a sad year already where celebrity deaths are concerned.

People I'm worried about this year? Hugh Hefner and James Earl Jones. Stay strong fellas.