Tuesday, January 29, 2008

AMC Breaks Bad Habits

When is the last time you watched AMC? I forgot the channel existed, and when I do think about it, I confuse it with Turner Classic Movies. AMC is oft-forgotten, a channel lost amid the shuffle of go-to networks like TNT, TBS and Bravo. But this season, they're the little engine that could.

They've received critical acclaim for their hit show Mad Men, a program following the lives of alpha-male advertising honchos in the 1960s. John Hamm is brilliant on it, but we're not talking about that this time.

Instead I've decided to focus on Breaking Bad, AMC's new show about a dying chemistry teacher who decides to go into business with a former student...making crystal meth. It's a grittier, darker version of Weeds. More intensity, bigger stakes and with better acting. The show stars Bryan Cranston, the dad on Malcolm and the Middle. He's stretching his legs for this show and so far it's working out brilliantly. Cranston and the show will probably rack up some serious praise come awards season next year. Mark my words.

Breaking Bad is on AMC and like the premium channels, you can catch it pretty much all week long, though the episodes premeire on Sundays.