Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Baby Borrowers: Like Teen Nation

NBC's new show, The Baby Borrowers, looks like the perfect substitute for Kid Nation. This video describes the whole show in detail, but if you don't have 5 minutes you can read my not-so-succinct synopsis below.

The show takes four or five high school couples who are interested in eventually having children, then random people loan out their babies for three days to see if the teens can handle it. Of course they can't and if that were the whole show it would suck. Luckily for us, the fun keeps going. The teenagers have to get jobs and run their own home. After three days of babies, the couples get toddlers, then elementary school kids and so on. Eventually they get pets and old people to take care of. I'm sure all of them will end up crying, throwing up or putting a t-shirt on the baby instead of a diaper ala Full House.

Hopefully it will keep some idiot 15-year-old from punching holes in her condoms to save her five month relationship. Attention girls: He's a teenager so he's into your lady parts, beer and bumper pool. Just wait it out.

The show premieres on February 18.