Monday, January 7, 2008

My Dream Vacation: 2008 CES

My parents welcomed home two DVRs today and they're like the helpful little brothers I always wanted. Granted, I will need to commit several hours in training and complaining before my mother will fully understand just why or how her DVR is different than a VCR. It will be worth it when I never miss another thing at mom and dad's because of the dog picking an inopportune time to bark.

Sidenote: That was a long sentence. It's late. I can't think of how to fix it.

Anyway, with the DVRs in the house (I named them Doug and Cesssy) you'd think they're all caught up. What's left to do before they span the digital divide? Look no further than the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Everything new in the world of gaming, wireless, car technology and home theater/video is premiered at the CES in Las Vegas. It's like a car show, but for even bigger geeks. The stuff that is shaping the way we watch and experience TV now was showcased years ago. Every CES is like a glimpse into the future, only with fewer aliens and Blu-Ray discs are really popular.

The show started today and runs until January 10. For information on all of the cool stuff, peruse the CES website for daily updates. There's enough there to keep my parents in the dark for years to come.