Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well I Can't Say I'm Surprised

Kristen Cavallari, the original hater on Laguna Beach, is having the tattoo of her ex-boyfriend's initials removed from her arm.

Reasons why this is not shocking:
1. She put the initials on her wrist.This is kind of an unattractive place unless you're a rock star, motorcycle enthusiast or a tatoo artist yourself.

2. She was dating this clown, Nick Zano. He may be attractive, but he looks like a douche and they could be brother and sister.

3. She'd only been dating the aforementioned douche for about a hot minute. Without a wedding ring and 25 years, there's no way you should get someone's intitals carved into your skin. Get a vanity plate next time.

4. Anyone that says " What happens in Cabo stays in Cabo" before they even turn 18 is probably going to make a mistake involving a tattoo.

I hope they cover this when Kristen joins the cast of The Hills...rumor of course.