Friday, January 25, 2008

Edward Herrmann is The Man

I was watching Grey's Anatomy tonight. I know, I know. I said I quit. And I did. But there was nothing on TV and I got sucked in on a one-liner. But truth be told, I was glad I watched. It's probably not for the reasons you think. 

I still hate Yang. I don't want to hear about Lexie Grey, and George is a fool for leaving a fox like Callie for an annoying bitch like Izzie. But I digress. 
I enjoyed tonight's episode because it featured a guest appearance by my favorite old-man actor, Edward Herrmann. On Grey's he plays the old-man intern Norman, who starts medical school after 30 years as a pharmacist. Herrmann is better known to our generation as Mr. Rich in the Richie Rich movie, and Grandpa Richard Gilmore on Gilmore Girls.
I was reminded of how much I enjoyed Herrmann's acting and comedic timing when I watched a recent episode of 30 Rock. His stint on Grey's only solidified my thoughts. He always gets stuck playing the uppity, know-it-all rich white guy, but he does it with a charm that makes The Man so much more tolerable. 
Kudos to you Ed. That's a feat very few people could manage.