Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weeds. Whoa.

I am blown away.

One could argue Weeds has been crazy this season. Drug trafficking, the Mexican mob, cheese shops, teenage three-ways, etc. But where Entourage takes their crazy and spins it into one-dimensional episodes of fantastical excess, Jenji Kohan and the folks over at Weeds craft complex tales of betrayal, lust and family.

We were treated to the sharp, irreverent wit of Justin Kirk, who's character Andy has morphed from a comic punching bag to a family linchpin just as troubled as Nancy herself. Dean and Celia finally had it out this week and foreshadowed the return of their long-lost daughter Quinn, who we last saw making out with Silas during the show's pilot episode. And in a move that could cost her her life, Nancy squealed to the DEA about the secret tunnel and it was promptly raided. The episode ended with Captain Till's romantic and professional partner Paul getting tortured with a belt sander then murdered, not before he gave up Nancy as an informant. Even her relationship with the Mayor of Tijuana, maestro to this madness, won't help her get out of this one.

Kohan managed to tie up the loose ends of this at times frenetic season together in a perfect bow of fear and funny, just in time for next week's finale. Has Nancy finally gotten herself in too deep? Suddenly those thugs with guns at the end of season two or impending wildfires in season three don't look so bad.

It's official. Showtime just put a nail in the coffin that is HBO television. I am counting the days until next week's episode.

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Kramer said...

i have to agree with you... this is the first weeds in a while where i'm truly excited and anxious for the next episode. they set up the season finale really well and i think it's gonna be great!

Christopher Wayne said...

ummm, "blown away"....I kinda saw this coming. There was no way they were going to let her get away with ratting out the chicanos. Im so sick of Nancy! She's a freaking drug dealer and her internal struggle between doing the right thing and making a living is just getting annoying to me.

Call me when John Adams season 2 comes out :)