Monday, September 15, 2008

The Trailer For The 24 Movie Looks Better Than Actual Movies

Hey you guys ever see that movie Shaft In Africa?

Yeah this 24 TV-movie is kind of like that...but with a bitter, middle-aged white guy.

I can't wait. Redemption should be awesome. Don't call international peace keepers in to do Jack Bauer's job. He can take care of this pesky genocide problem once and for all.


Christopher Wayne said...

its gonna rock!!! can't wait, I only wish it was gonna be 3 hrs instead of 2.

Kramer said...

absolutely ridiculous... i will not be watching that.

Christopher Wayne said...

kramer you are banned from this website and all affiliates until further notice.

Kramer said...

haha im sorry but seriously stopping a genocide! come on now... that's infuriating