Thursday, September 18, 2008

See Dexter Get Back Into The Swing of Things...Early!

Showtime is streaming the season premiere eps of Dexter and Californication for free, right now on their website.

Want to get in on the action? Go here. You'll need the password.

It's Lady Killer.

Get it? Because Dexter is a serial killer with some ridiculous issues and because David Duchovny and his character Hank Moody love ladies...a little too much. Oh Showtime, you slay me.

I'm holding out for the actual premiere on September 28. Not only because I want to see it in HD, but because when I was a kid season premieres meant something. Now you can see them three weeks early and watch them over and over again all week. Where's the fun in that? Sometimes I miss the good old days of appointment television.



Christopher Wayne said...

I love "appt television"...classic.