Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Guest Blog: Here We Go Again...Prison Break Season Premiere

Well, Fox has done it again. Getting a jump on all of the major networks fall lineups and showing the season 4 Prison Break premiere last night. The Break, as I like to call it, rarely disappoints and this premiere was no exception.

Sucre is still a fool for love, T-bag has already eaten his first human, Sarah returns with torture scars (veeerryy similar to Jack Bauer's scars in 24 Season 6) and of course "Linc" has put my Michael in a tough spot.....again. The gang is back together baby! But this time they will have to work as a unit to keep everyone out of jail.

The villains are new, including a bad ass black guy who apparently has no regard for human life. And of course big business is driving governmental decisions and actions (classic Break). The crew is really in for it this year and I think this could be the best season yet!

Quite frankly, my heart is already pounding in anticipation of next weeks episode.


Kramer said...

haha... a wonderful review. im expecting less deaths next week though. surprised you didn't comment on how many people were killed/brutally tortured. maybe you've been desensitized by 24/fox in general :)

Christopher Wayne said...

yeah, there were quite a few beatings/killings....very 24'esque :)