Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TRL Ends Its Run In November

Total Request Live, once a popular mainstay on MTV (and the final place to watch videos on the network) will end its 10-year run in November.

The show peaked in the late '90s with SoCal DJ turned lucky bastard Carson Daly at the helm. Since then the show's had a string of hosts, crappy guests, spectacles, stunts and a fair share of meltdowns. (Remember this? It was one of my favorites.)

Any remember the pre-cursor to TRL, MTV Live? Daly hosted that one too. It was more of a talk show format though with a few videos thrown in for transitions. It was smart, timely and pretty funny. Maybe MTV should bring something like that back. Though it might be too slow for their current crowd. Not enough flashing lights, online voting or text messaging for the young people to stay interested.

Photo: mlive.com

I think I just dated myself.