Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Aww Hell No!

The worst news I've heard all day:

Kim Bauer (played by mediocre actress Elisha Cuthbert), Jack Bauer's hapless, troublesome daughter is coming back for more torture on season 7 of 24.

Kim is the equivalent of a puppy running around your legs while you're trying to cook. The puppy trips you up, it begs constantly, it whimpers, and it makes you feel guilty when you don't put down the ladle and play with it. Why is this a problem? Because the spoon in this metaphor is a doomsday device or a nuclear football. Jack Bauer has enough on his mind without adding Kim and oh yeah, her baby to the mix.

GranPop Bauer (and the rest of the country) can't afford to be distracted.

Plus her storyline ran its course after she got chased by the bobcat.



Whosis said...


I can not handle another season with her. That just stinks!