Friday, April 4, 2008

Shockingly, The Cradle Doesn't Rock

Against my better judgment, I watched Rock The Cradle last night. In case you missed my post about it, the show pits the children of B-list celebrities against each other in a singing competition. Hey, not that bad right? Too bad the children aren't talented.

It was a 90 minute premier two nights ago. I suffered through 15 minutes of insufferable host Ryan Devlin. He looked tweaky, kind of jittery and hard to watch. He made awful jokes and the celebrity parent peanut gallery didn't play along. Watching Devlin's jokes fall flat was probably the best part of the entire show.

Anyway, the singing finally got going after a lot of build-up. First up was Eddie Money's daughter Jessie. It was like watching a teenage performer at her Super Sweet 16; She was awful, but wealthy so everyone paid attention to her.

Devlin and all the celeb-kids kept saying, "It's time we make it on our own." Well you're not doing that because not only are you competing on MTV solely because you're the child of a talented musician. Plus you really aren't that great.

Even Idol is better than this. At the very least, those contenders can hold their own on stage. The people just can't. If given the choice, I'd actually prefer to watch a "Best Of" concert featuring their parents.

Please don't give Rock The Cradle the time of day. Almost anything is better...seriously anything.