Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This Week In Idol News

Just a little bit on tonight's American Idol results. Stop here if you want to remain spoiler free.

I only got the tail end of the show last night (about 30 seconds after Brooke started over). For the most part I was unimpressed with everyone's performance but at least David Cook got to show off his pipes. Anyway, I assumed I must have missed the great performances. I watched all of the contestants online today and was officially saddened. Where was the excitement this week? So many great songs to pick from. So many genres, styles and above all, opportunity to shine. Everyone fell short.

That being said, some fell harder then others. It wasn't Carly's turn to go home tonight. Your days are numbered my dreadlocked friend. I'm not on the beach, I'm not high and I no longer appreciate your mellow sounds. And don't think you're immune either Syesha. You're talented but if last night proved anything it's that you belong in musical theater, not the top of the charts.