Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Know These Parents Are Flippin' Nuts

I've been watching I Know My Kid's A Star on VH1 for a few weeks now. It's a reality competition show about stage parents and their children. The parents are judged alongside their children by host Danny Bonaduce (kind of scary) and tough-as-nails casting director Marki Costello (love her!).

The show would be pretty run of the mill and fall way below the radar (see: Showbiz Moms and Dads) if it weren't for the completely wacked out parents. It is like watching Intervention if the drug of choice is attention. Their neuroses are alarming, even disturbing at times. For the most part, the mothers (they got rid of the dads in the first two episodes) are well intentioned but a few are just trying to re-live their glory days. Or more like " I almost made Tupelo...maybe" days.

Take a gander at my favorite mom Rocky:

This show exposed what we always thought to be true about some die-hard families in the entertainment industry. Like life, not every family on the show is nuts, but those that aren't, don't look poised to take home the crown. Bad lessons? Probably. Fun TV? Sadly yes.