Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This Week In American Idol

Just a few things I noticed during tonight's live telecast (in no particular order):

  • Ryan clears up any confusion as to who is behind David Cook's rockin' arrangements...thus preventing the tamest scandal in music history.
  • My love affair with Ramiele is over. I thought she was adorable and a solid vocalist in the early weeks but after tonight, I am ready to see her go.
  • Meanwhile, I did love Brooke's version of Jolene and I was disappointed to hear the judges weren't as impressed. Hopefully her good nature and originality will keep her around another week.
  • I wonder how Michael Johns styles his hair, if at all. His ascot was rubbing me the wrong way though. My favorite performance of the night though.
  • After her patriotic number last week, Kristy Lee Cook is getting some major attention this week. Did anyone else hear Ryan compliment her french pedicure?
  • David Archuleta blended into the pack again for me. Not shocking