Friday, August 22, 2008

Seinfeld Rolls Into Town

For some reason, Seinfeld is hitting the road. Not Jerry Seinfeld, a nationwide bus tour celebrating the popular '90s sitcom. Think of it as a Weinermobile about nothing.

The Seinfeld Campus Tour features a mini-museum with show props (Fusilli Jerry!) one of the show's Emmys and some scripts. There are also a spot where fans can play the new Seinfeld Scene-It (remember that for me come Christmastime), and eat snacks inspired by the show (Black & White cookies are on the menu, no word on the marble rye.)

The bus rolls into Madison in late October and I plan on stopping by. If nothing else I can get myself a cookie, play some Scene-It and ask the kids on the bus how they got such a sweet gig.

Here's the website for more info on the tour. If it stops in your town before mine, tell me how it goes. Don't yada yada yada over the exciting parts.

Photo: Pop Candy


Christopher Wayne said...

im so going to this!!!