Monday, August 25, 2008

Free Association: The New American Idol Judge

In case edubTV is your only source of TV news, (my apologies BTW), you may not have heard that there's a new full-time American Idol judge joining Paula, Randy and Simon. Her name is Kara Dioguardi and she's a songwriter by trade and also Senior Vice-President of A&R at Warner Brothers.

According to my favorite speedy research tool Wikipedia, her songs have been recorded by some heavy hitters (Santana, Faith Hill, and Celine Dion) and some not-so-heavy-hitters (Ashlee Simpson! Ouch!)

A lot of thoughts came to mind when I heard the news about the 4th judge. Instead of trying to articulate tonight, I thought I would just give myself 60 seconds to jot down some notes. Piece them together as you wish. And your time

  • Paula = Pill Popper/ Kara = Not Pill Popper
  • How will they sit?
  • Will I still be a Randy? Or will I be a Kara?
  • Has she been on auditions?
  • Is there room for a 4th person behind the table?
  • Do you have to get three votes to move on now?
  • If Seacrest has to ask one more person what they thought, won't that make the show even longer?
  • She looks like Katherine McPhee
  • I miss Dunkleman.
And stop. I wish I could've ended on a thought better than Brian Dunkleman.

Photo: LA Times