Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chiming In On NBC's Lack of Love for 30 Rock

NBC is pimping out its fall line-up during the jillion and one commercial breaks during the Olympics. I've seen multiple spots for The Office, (including an excellent one about a game called slapface) Heroes, and My Name Is Earl. I've even seen spots for new shows like that Christian Slater thriller. Sidenote: I have a hard time getting over the fact that he's a young, greasy-looking version of Jack Nicholson (sans acting chops).

I digress. What have I not seen commercials for? 30 Rock. The show got nominated for 17 Emmys. Count 'em. 17. Despite being critically accalimed and for my money one of the funniest if not the most consistently funny show on television, NBC is kind of giving it the cold shoulder.

Other example: The Office and Earl premiere September 25. They get choice hour-long spots against Grey's Anatomy on what will be the biggest TV night of the fall season. Did I also mention that this premiere date is just four days after the Emmy's. When does 30 Rock premiere? OCTOBER 30. So instead of blitzing the hell out of a show that will undoubtedly do well at the Emmy's, NBC is keeping 30 Rock locked away until everyone except the die-hards can forget about it again.

It's tragic really. It's like the first half of Intervention. Please don't throw your life away on Earl NBC. Please!

For those of you not on the 30 Rock bandwagon yet, here's your step-stool. Hop on board bitches. If NBC has their way, this one is going the way of Arrested Development.