Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lisa Garza Is Fuming...With Perfect Bangs

So a few weeks back Aaron McCargo Jr. took home the crown on Next Food Network Star. I wasn't crazy about any of the finalists but out of the top three he was definitely the right pick.

Plus, Food Network could really use some more on-air talent of color. (Sidenote: With that in mind, did they have to call his show Big Daddy's House? Honestly?)

So McCargo's show premiered on Sunday and it was a solid first performance. He got his children involved, he looked pretty comfortable and the food looked delicious. Seriously, I haven't wanted to make a pork sandwich that badly since I saw Babe: Pig In The City.

Anyway, it looks like McCargo is off to Food Network stardom, but he won't be alone.

Food Network star finalist and funnyman, Adam Gertler will star in Will Work For Food. He'll work alongside people in the food industry (think everything from milking cows and berry picking to feeding thousands at a hospital).

Adam was a sucky cook so a show out of the kitchen will be great for him.

It's a shame they can't find anything for Lisa Garza though. Maybe she can find something to do back on the mothership.