Thursday, August 28, 2008

America's Got Talent Just Got A Lot Less Fab-U-Lous

I haven't given up on America's Got Talent, but that may change this week. After a handful of excruciating months of awful acts, drunken critiques from David Hasselhoff and unnecessary commentary from Jerry Springer, the show is finally at the point where America gets to decide who stays and who goes.

And just as I thought they might, America botched the whole thing.

10 acts performed on Tuesday including two acts that can only be described as FIERCE! (I'm using the word as much as I can before Christian Siriano trademarks it!) Derrick Barry, the Britney Spears impersonator continued to dazzle with his dancing prowess and striking resemblance to the pop princess.

Then the show got even better when the DC Cowboys, an all-male dance company took the stage. It was like watching the pages of a soft core gay porn magazine coming to life. They danced, the camera zoomed-in on ass shots, and they didn't wear undershirts. While they may not have made it long in the wild west, it was truly a fun performance.

So imagine my surprise when I tuned in to the results show yesterday to discover that both acts had been given the boot! You mean to tell me that America wasn't impressed by a hot cross dresser and the gay dance troupe? I thought we'd come farther than that...okay I didn't. But it's still a little tragic. At least the creepy girl who beats up her dad didn't get through either.