Saturday, August 16, 2008

I FINALLY Saw The Sex and the City Movie!

So close to three months after everyone else, I finally saw the Sex and the City movie.

It was exactly what I expected: Witty, sad, heartwarming, girly and altogether fun.

Worth the hype? I'd say so. The whole thing just felt comfortable. It was like the ladies never left TV (Thanks to syndication I suppose they haven't.) I slipped back into their relationships, patterns, and neuroses like an old pair of sneakers. Something about it just felt right.

That's not to say the movie was perfect. They took Miranda and Steve into a weird place, I could've used a little more Jennifer Hudson and **SPOILER ALERT*** I'm a little sad to see that Carrie ended up with Big...again.

Ultimately though, Sex and the City is about a group of friends. And nothing made me happier than waiting the entire summer to see the movie for $3 with my oldest friend on the weekend before she heads back to school. Talk about comfortable.