Saturday, March 8, 2008

What Gives?

I have to admit I really liked Oprah's Big Give. Not only did it make me feel warm and fuzzy inside but it was really "fun" to watch. I throw that in quotes because not all TV is fun. Some makes you think, some makes you cry, some make you laugh. This was different. While I watched, I was sincerely enjoying myself. (It might have just been from watching Nate Berkus)

Anyway, the show got great numbers for its series premiere and tomorrow will be a test of its staying power. With Oprah at the helm, the show will undoubtedly be a success; but I am proposing it will do one better.

You heard it here first: I think Oprah's Big Give will unseat Amazing Race as the Emmy winner for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program. Amazing Race has won the honor all five times it's been awarded. But for the first time, there really will be a race for the win...and it's going to be a dead heat.