Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'd Rather Have A Sam Adams

John Adams, the seven-part miniseries on the life our second president, starts tonight on HBO.

I plan on watching at least the first installment because I want to see what all the fuss is about but it will have to be pretty gripping to keep me coming back six more times.

If anyone can make it interesting, it will be HBO. They've done wonders for funeral homes, carnies and even vapid celebrities so I am optimistic that at least tonight's segment will be worth my time. Plus I am curious as to how they can doctor up Paul Giamatti to make him look a little less (for lack of a better term) schlubby. He's kind of doughy, matty hair, desperate eyes. Not ugly by any means, just schlubby. Like he'd rather in pajamas. Not exactly what comes to mind when you think of John Adams. (Though most of the time when I think of John Adams my mind quickly switches to Sam Adams. ) But make-up, an accent and great costume design can probably cure what ails him.

If anyone else is tuning in, let me know so we can dish tomorrow.