Thursday, March 6, 2008

The End Of An Era

I'm pretty big on TV on DVD and I've got a pet name for my DVR (Clem) so it takes a lot for me to miss an episode of a show I care about. I was (probably still am) a pretty ravenous Gilmore Girls fan, but with a hectic schedule, a poor choice to record American Idol and no friends on DVR bandwagon, I missed one episode of the show's final season.

But months after we waived bon voyage to Rory and Lorelai something hit me. The show as I knew it wasn't over. I was missing one piece. I was like that uncoordinated awkward kid who couldn't put together the shrine of the silver monkey on Legends of the Hidden Temple. I couldn't advance to the last room because the head wasn't on straight.

I waited to buy the seventh season on DVD. Then I delayed even further and watched every episode leading up to the missing link. Tonight, I finally completed my Gilmore Girls mission. I laughed a little harder, the sentimental stuff was even squishier than usual and every thing felt new again...because it was. The 44 minutes came to quickly and when the credits ran, it was like losing the show all over again.

But at the same time it was letting it go. Most of my favorite shows are off the air but the memories, quotations, and sidesplitting scenes haunt my memory and my DVD rack. Cleaning out the space where Gilmore Girls used to sit is making room for something new...

whenever and whatever it may be.