Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hoppy Easter

My family isn't very religious but we take part in the food and commercialism aspects of the big Christian holidays. Easter is one of my favorites because it's all the food fun of Thanksgiving with better weather.

Anyway, Easter is also all about TV. (Though some may beg to differ.) Here are some of my favorite things on the tube this weekend:

  • The Ten Commandments - I love pre-wackjob Charlton Heston and watching the special effects that were way ahead of their time. Plus that pharoh has a crazy haircut and it makes me smile. The movie is a great way to kill five hours.
  • The Sound of Music - This movie is associated with most holidays which is convenient for Von Trapp Fanatics like myself. My mother and I watch it whenever it comes on. We sing the songs, we yell at the Nazis, we wonder how six people could operate so many puppets at once. Another great way to kill five hours.
  • The Easter Beagle Charlie Brown: Not as great as the Christmas special, but better than Halloween. This oft-forgotten Peanuts movie is nothing short of charming.
So Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate. To those who don't: have a super Sunday.