Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hump Day Update

I love TV, but a few things drove me a little nuts today about my favorite medium.

  • I'm watching Top Chef and while it's nothing new, those little "coming up on Top Chef" clips are starting to drive me nuts. Trust that I will stay to watch and just go to the commercials. I don't need any more Padma than absolutely necessary. I do love Andrew though. He dances on the border between funny and sociopathic.
  • American Idol **Spoiler Alert** - I am sad that Chikezie got voted off. He wasn't a great singer but he seemed funny and I liked watching the few occasions when he shook things up.
  • One of my favorite game shows, Family Feud, is making the move to primetime NBC. I think it deserves a 21st century update but I don't like that they're fussing with the family aspect a bit. The show could feature celebrity kin or casts of NBC shows (Think 30 Rock vs. Heroes). I miss Ray Combs.