Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tonight We're Gonna Party Like It's 1972!

ABC is putting its chips in the BBC basket and making a re-make of a popular British drama for the fall season. Life on Mars follows a police officer in the prime of his career. Too bad he gets hit by a car and wakes up in 1972. Is he dreaming? Is he in a coma? Or could this really be happening?

It's a little less "out there" than Pushing Daisies and more creative than Eli Stone. My concern is that people are little worn out on the whole "time-traveling" thing. Journeyman didn't do so well and it's one of the most troubling aspects of LOST.

But check out the trailer and see for yourself. Do you think it can survive? One thing helping it out? It's got the post-Grey's Anatomy time slot. If you can't make it there, you can't make it anywhere.