Monday, May 19, 2008

The Bachelorette: Wow, I Kind Of See Why I Avoided This

Tonight I started my assignment for CollegeCandy as the weekly reviewer for The Bachelorette. I've never seen the show or The Bachelor so it was a new experience. At two-hours long, it was a draining one at that.

Since my full review will be posted tomorrow, I'll just mention three things I learned about this show.

  • It is cheesy as hell. There's repeated buzz phrases ("Love of my life," "So excited," "America's Sweetheart") tortured gazing at the camera and a mansion that looks like Mr. Belvedere's bedroom.
  • These men are crazy. They jump in frigid pools (great way to showcase your manhood), they force the bachelorette to rub their chests, they make her crab salads, they twirl her around, they give her bear hugs, they speak to her in Greek, they rip off their shirts, they kick citrus fruits off of each others heads. In any other first date situation, DeAnna would call the cops, or at least leave shortly after dinner. But in the glamorous world of reality dating competitions, she encourages the behavior and lets the weirdos move in to a mansion with her.
  • The men may be crazy but the fans are seriously nuts. DeAnna was a fan favorite when she made it to the final two on Season 11 of The Bachelor. In a move that rocked Bachelor history, Brad not only didn't choose DeAnna, but he didn't choose anybody. The fans took their sadness to the internet, throwing together some tribute videos that can only be described as alarming.
I'll be watching every week so we'll see how this whole thing shakes out. Right now, I'm rooting for Jason, the single Dad from Washington. I'm pretty sure he's the least crazy...but that's not saying much.