Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things Men Would Rather Do Than See the SATC Movie

The good people over at Vulture talked to red-blooded American dudes about things they'd honestly rather do or experience as opposed to seeing the Sex And The City movie.

The list includes things as benign as eating someone's booger and as ridiculous as getting attacked by one of Michael Vick's dogs. Who says men aren't over-dramatic?

Check out the very funny post for yourself.

You know what probably scares the boys off? Shit like this.

Despite (or is it because of?) all of the hype surrounding SATC, I plan on checking out the flick. I wasn't a huge fan of the show while it was on but I've grown to appreciate it in syndication and I'm curious to see if Carrie and Big end up together. My secret hope? Aidan swoops in and steals her away at the last minute.

A girl can dream right?


amber marti said...

Aidan was married with a baby in the 5th season, so that would be kind of tragic.
I saw the movie and thought is was 80% depressing and 20% funny/upbeat. kind of disapointing but I suppose realistic.