Monday, May 5, 2008

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

Seth Macfarlane, the twisted brain behind Family Guy, American Dad and the new Family Guy Spinoff (The Cleveland Show), just signed a massive deal with 20th Century Fox. When I say massive, I'm not exaggerating. Seriously ridiculous. 

Macfarlane is set to make $100 Million between now and 2012  for writing and producing his current animated docket and an upcoming live-action show. 

Learn from this people: You too can make an excess of $25 Million a year for coming up with crass humor and weak plots...and this from a fan. 

Seth Macfarlane is now the highest paid writer-producer in television, and a lot of people would argue that he's not even very funny. 

Funny or not, the man is successful. If nothing else he is a master of raunchy jokes, timing, negotiation and luck.