Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You Be The Judge: Top Chef Predictions

After a shocking dismissal of my favorite chef Antonia last week, I am not as excited for tonight's Top Chef season finale. Stephanie wins everything (yet still seems surprisingly modest and grateful) so if she eeks it out it's no surprise. Richard is also an innovative and talented chef. He may have dropped the ball these past few weeks but came back strong in part one of the finale. Though I have a feeling that car was a nice second place gesture.

I think the folks over at Bravo want a lady Top Chef. There's never been one, and I think the producers are getting restless. Tiffani and Casey came close but both just couldn't stack up against some amazing technically masterful chefs. This time, Stephanie meets or exceeds Richard in a lot of areas. If ever there was a good shot for the women, this is it.

You may be thinking, "What about Lisa?"Lisa is a walking disaster who's been in the bottom too many times to count..okay 6 times. Her food doesn't look appetizing (and since she's only won one challenge, it must not taste too appetizing either), she has a bad attitude, she's always on the defensive and now she has a greasy looking hair she hates bloggers. Shocking! If she managed to win this show, Top Chef would lose all of its credibility.

Photo: I'd Dream