Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sharpton Sort Of Outs Anderson Cooper: Put That On A Shirt CNN

I imagine coming out of the closet is a sensitive and highly personal issue. And as a successful news anchor at the top of his game, Anderson Cooper may not want the extra attention he'd undoubtedly get should he ever decide to discuss his sexuality. But since Cooper's sexuality is the worst kept secret in Hollywood (though it was temporarily one-upped by that Wentz/Simpson baby) it is funny to watch others dance (not so delicately I might add) around it.

Everyone's favorite commotion-starter, Al Sharpton was on Anderson Cooper 360 last night with some other folks talking about religion and politics. In one fell swoop, Sharpton outed the newsman, sort of doomed him to hell, then forgave him. One of the other panelists also got in on the fun of talking about just where Cooper would end up in the afterlife. Ever poised, Cooper played the very awkward moment off with humor and grace.

You can watch the whole thing go down right here.

Photo: IAmATVJunkie