Saturday, June 7, 2008

What Can Big Brown Do For You?

Well apparently he can't win the Belmont Stakes! I have been waiting all week to see the huge favorite Big Brown ride off into the stud farm sunset as a triple crown winner. Unfortunately, the race itself was a mile and half of pure boredom. 38-1 favorite Da' Tara took an early lead and held on for the win. Meanwhile, Big Brown's jockey, Kent Desormeaux, held him up towards the finish line and helped earn him a pathetic 9th place finish.

Horseracing needed this day to help bring back their dying sport. After the death of 8 Bells in the Kentucky Derby, Big Browns domination of the first two legs of the triple crown were a ray of hope after a such a terrible moment in the first race. I probably won't watch horseracing again till next May, but this horse was a true champion and it was sad to see him run out of gas at the end of his defining moment.

Enjoy the rest of your life Big Brown, cause I know damn well no one is paying me $300,000 to sleep with them--but you might be doing that several hundred times over the next year. You're officially my new hero!