Sunday, June 29, 2008

How Much Would You Pay For A Bloody Shirt?

There was an auction of Sopranos wardrobe items in New York last week. The top-earner in said auction? A bowling-style shirt that the big man himself got shot in. So last week some Sopranophile forked over $43, 750 for an ugly shirt caked in fake blood.


If you had the money, what memorabilia would you pay for? I'd pay for $15,000 for Michael Scott's desk. It would have to include all of the knick-knacks, flags, mugs, plaques and the like though.

As for wardrobe choices, I would pay a few hundred bucks for Jack Bauer's blue jeans in season six of 24. Dude wore those things out that year. I might also throw down a few grand to own Dangle's short-shorts from Reno 911. They probably smell like ass though. Literally.

Photo: Yahoo! News