Monday, June 2, 2008

The Mole Is Back! Better Than Before?

Dare I say I don't miss Anderson Cooper. Tonight's return of The Mole was great. I was hesitant when it was announced that parts of the game would change. From the looks of it, the only thing worth mentioning is that there are a few less questions on the quiz...other than that, it's the same show I fell in love with years ago.

The games are just as suspenseful and fun as I remember with an exciting combination of mental and physical prowess. The Robinson Crusoe game was very telling. The players selected Nicole as the whiniest person out of the bunch. This meant she got to control the rest of the game. Nicole got to select the players who'd serve as scavengers, timers and appraisers. Some of her selections were spot on (way to pick the old woman as an appraiser, she might love antiques) and some were a little suspect (the heavyset guy probably wasn't the best choice to be running back and forth on the beach in a time crunch).

Now what happened next was not shocking to anyone who's ever seen the show before but these people seemed kind of surprised. Whenever the host asks you to pick someone out of the group, this person inevitably gets a privilege. This time, Nicole had to sleep on the island by herself (ala Robinson Crusoe) while the rest of the players went back to the mansion. However, this also meant she didn't have to take the quiz, effectively earning an immunity.

How did Nicole get selected as the whiniest person in the group? She raised hell the night before and complained about sleeping outside to anyone who'd listen.

The Mole frequently meets with producers and knows what's coming up the next day. She could just be a bitch, but I think it's more calculating than that. Nicole knew they were going to ask about who whined the most, so she took the opportunity to label herself as a complainer, thus ripping an exemption from one of the players. Plus, in spending a night away from the game the other contestants didn't get to know her. That's less information they'll have for the quizzes. It's a great way to start the game.

Think about it.

It's early yet, but that's my guess after one episode. We'll see what happens next week.

ABC won't let me embed clips but you can check out some highlights , player bios and even take an online Mole quiz right here.

Welcome back Mole. You were missed.