Monday, June 30, 2008

Britain's Missing Top Model: Awesome or WTF?

The UK is always one step ahead, but usually it's kind of a side step...or a diagonal one...or an L-shape like the knight in chess. What I'm trying to say is that they take things to the next level...for better or worse.

Britain's Missing Top Model is a prime example. Nope, it's not a whodunit. That would be too simple. BMTM is a modeling show for young women missing body parts or with disabilities. I shit you not.

It's got all the elements of the Top Model we know and love...except...different.

This show is a plus in that it's high time we start celebrating people with disabilities. We saw it first with Ms. Landmine. This seems like a natural progression.

But it's also just kind A real step in the right direction would've been including one of the "missing" girls on a season of traditional Britain's Next Top Model. Now that would be progress.

Photo: Scanner