Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Embarassing Life In Season Passes

I'm a little under the weather so I've spent a lot of time sleeping and watching TV over the weekend.

It's actually given me a lot of time to catch up with some of my favorite shows on the old Tivo. For those of you unfamiliar with my favorite gadget, Tivo lets you record Season Passes of your favorite shows. You can get all the new ones, the re-runs, etc. I have a relatively high capacity DVR so these shows tend to pile up and I forget about them. Today I took some time to clean-house and watch some of the crap I've been subjecting the Tivo too.

Needless to say the whole process was quite revealing. I've been recording Dawson's Creek, King of Queens, and Family Feud. I've also got the Tivo set to record anything with Ethan Embry or anytime Meatballs comes on. If I were to die today, this would probably be the most embarassing part of my life.

I deleted the Meatballs stipulation, and even the Family Feud order. I haven't been able to cancel the Creek though. Some habits are hard to break.



Liz Warner said...

i love DC!! i'll be happy to host a creek marathon anyday.