Friday, October 17, 2008

You Can Actually Just Go Ahead And Get Rid Of Your Set

When you add it all up I follow 6 hours of prime time television on the average Thursday night. Because of scheduling and general sleepiness, watching all of these shows would be nearly impossible without the aid of my DVR and the internet. That got me to thinking; I bet a ridiculous amount of people aren't even using their TVs anymore.

Think about the number of websites you can go to right now to see episodes of television that were brand new less than 24 hours ago. Stuck? Luckily the New York Post TV blog compiled a list.

They also went one step further and provided a rundown for every show currently streaming new episodes online and where you can find them. Let me tell you, it's a doozy.

Ridiculous, or just the first signs that that flat screen of yours will soon be your coffee table?

I liken the transition to young people getting rid of landlines. Why keep the big set around when you can take your laptop anywhere, see all the shows you want for the price of your wireless connection, and basically never pay for a cable bill again? It kind of makes you wonder doesn't it? I suppose most people are keeping their TVs around for sports games and other shows (mostly from premium channels) that they just "can't get anywhere else."

But I pose this question to all of you: If sports and the occasional episode of Dexter aren't holding you back, what's keeping you from getting rid of your TV?

I'll answer first I guess. I usually watch TV by myself, so only having a laptop wouldn't get in the way of my big non-existent TV watching parties. I already get all of my news online or from the newspaper and 100% of the shows I watch are free on the internet or available on iTunes. So what's stopping me? New Year's Eve. I haven't been home for New Year's Eve in a few years, but I can't imagine not having a TV to watch that ball drop...even if Dick Clark's not there. But even after sitting on this for about a half hour, that's the only reason I could think of.

What about you folks?

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