Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obama Takes Over Your TV

Barack Obama shelled out some major bucks and purchased a half hour of airtime on CBS and NBC to run a half-hour infomercial on his campaign, his life, etc. The special will run on Wednesday, October 29.

This is a really expensive venture (each slot costs about $2 Mil) and rumor has it he may have enough money in the coffer to buy time on Fox and ABC too.

But the best news of the night? Obama's special will pre-empt Jay Mohr's latest shitshow Gary Unmarried. Womp, Womp.



Christopher Wayne said...

Why doesn't jay mohr just give up...seriously.

This is a good move, and I truly pray that Mccain doesn't follow suit with the "Mccain/palin super happy, my friends, hockey mom, half hour"