Thursday, September 27, 2007

Support The Rabid!

Tonight's episode of The Office was awesome. I could write a pretty solid review of it, complete with tonight's best quotes and the like, but certain blogs/bloggers, including the other half of this one, could probably do it better. However, I just wanted to see if anyone else was as shocked about the flagrant sale of "Support The Rabid" bracelets and "Michael Scott's...Race For The Cure" Shirts? NBC had pop-up ads during the show prior to the plot line even appearing in the episode.

It was confusing and distracting. Don't get me wrong, the shirt and the wrist band are super funny and are pretty cool auxiliary products. But I guess I'm just disappointed. One of the reasons The Office is so great to watch is because it's a very aesthetically pleasing show. Between Jim (John Kransinki) and the cinematography, it really gives TV a good name. It's not the first time ads have popped up during the show, but this is the first time the practice has been abused. Let's hope it's the last.