Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Real Worlds sick... and yes i still watch it

Last night I watched the real world. Eight years ago that would have made me cool. Now, it kind of makes me sad and pathetic. Here’s why I did it anyway:

• The “Gay Issue” never goes away
After 20 some odd seasons you’d think the cast mates would realize that “homophobia” is silly. Thank you Trisha for setting Christian people back sixty years. How can you watch the show, season after season, then apply to get on, make it, and still make the “gay issue” relevant in your conversation. Have we not watched the gay guy befriend the homophobe almost every season since 1992? Only to find out, that, oh g-d forbid, gay people are just like straight people!? Wow.

• Everyone, even the crazies, are self-conscious
Thanks Parissa, for belting in the shower, then getting worried that your roommates were talking shit about you. Now you care?

Do viewers understand this? I hope so.

• The cast mates have no shame
Even though they know the show will air after their experience, and even be repeated an insane number of times, the roomies still lie to each, still talk shit about each other, and still confess their hatred for each other! This perplexes me. Have you forgotten that you’re being filmed? I assume when you’re drunk that’s ok. But, hmm.

It’s a sad, sad world if the “real world” reflects the real world.