Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Last Kid Nation Post...Maybe

Phish fan-in-training Michael, 14, had the quotation of the night yesterday. This mop-topped College Dems recruit was the winner of the Gold Star, a two-pound paper weight worth $20,000. The town-council selected him because he gets the water everyday, and fixed the pump when it froze, plus he's the dreamiest boy in all of Bonanza City. However, as down-to-earth as Michael is, his comments last night proved he's still just a short, hippy teenager with CNN.

When asked about morale at the camp and how life was in Kid Nation, Michael replied:

"At least I'm not in Ethiopia."

Right on Michael. You keep sticking it to the man. Check out the first signs of his political greatness.


EK said...

who put the asian kid on the yellow team???